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Mahjong 88

Check out Play’n GO’s first 8x8 Grid Mahjong 88!

Get ready for the VERY FIRST 8x8 grid slot from Play’n GO, Mahjong 88! Enjoy all the fun of the classic tile game in this creative new title!

As well as being our first 8x8 grid slot title, the game has an interesting new twist; symbols don’t cascade onto the grids as normal but instead are revealed to you all at once from underneath the grid!

Using clusters instead of paylines, if you match 4 or more symbols, connected vertically and horizontally, then you can pick yourself up a standard win.

The game also has four different Wilds which can substitute for any symbol on the grid and each one is connected to one of the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. As you play the game, the seasons will change, and this will decide which Wild appears on the grid.

Each Wild has a unique feature to help you pull in bigger wins!

  • Spring Wild: Will be randomly added to the grid.

  • Summer Wild: Added to the grid while destroying adjacent symbols.

  • Autumn Wild: Will fall down the grid while destroying some symbols.

  • Winter Wild: Are sticky and will not be removed when part of a winning cluster.

Not only do you get four exciting Wilds but there’s also a whole host of features for you to enjoy during the game.

The game has an onscreen Mahjong Meter, a charging meter that you can charge each game round and will trigger two of these features; Fortune Frog and Super Charge. The meter is charged by the number of symbols in your winning cluster in any one round.

Fortune Frog

The first feature is Fortune Frog and is activated if you charge the meter to 33 symbols. Once activated, it will trigger one of Fortune Frog’s four different elements:

  • Croak: One symbol on the grid is randomly chosen, and the game will pay out as if all instances of that symbol are clustered together.

  • Spawn: Will choose one symbol and change all matching symbols on the grid to another symbol.

  • Tongue: To opposite edge symbols (top and bottom or left and right) are chosen, and all tiles between them are changed to a random symbol.

  • Hop: Will choose a random symbol and change four adjacent symbols around it to match and also destroy symbols around it.

Super Charge

If you can fill the meter to 88 symbols or more, then you activate the second bonus feature Super Charge which will multiply the entire game’s round winnings by x5!

Concealed Tiles

When clusters are cleared from the grid, they are replaced by blank tiles which are then flipped over to reveal their symbols. Concealed Tiles are special as, when they are flipped, they will always match the symbols adjacent to them giving you more chances to create extra clusters!

Season Bonus

The final bonus feature in the game is the Season Bonus. Each time you get a regular cluster, a percentage of that total cluster win is added to your Seasonal Bonus win counter. When you clear a season and the next season begins, your Seasonal Bonus is then paid out to you.

With its unique concepts and exciting features, you won’t want to miss out on the big wins with Mahjong 88!


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