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Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2


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Reactoonz 2

They’re back! The Reactoonz make a triumphant return to the reels in a brand new Play’n GO slot adventure.

Reactoonz 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the hit 2017 slot game Reactoonz. Reactoonz 2 is a 7x7 cascading gridslot full of great features and sporting a brand new look!

All the original Reactoonz have returned as symbols for this new adventure; that’s 4 Lil’ Reactoonz, 4 Big Reactoonz and, of course, the Wild GARGANTOON! The game also introduces two new wilds, the Electric Wild and the Energoon Wild.

A collection of five identical Reactoonz in a cluster of any shape to achieve a base game win, but they must be either horizontally or vertically adjacent, not diagonally.

The Wilds in the game will stand in for any other symbol to help you get those wins, but Each Wild plays a different part in the game, so let’s take a look!

Electric Wild

Electric Wilds don’t land on the grid; they’re created whenever the chosen symbol in the Fluctometer (more on that later!) creates a winning cluster on the grid; you get one Wild for every cluster that symbol creates.

Electric Wild will substitute for any Reactoonz to help you create more clusters. Any time it does this the cluster will not only disappear, but the Electric Wild will also zap any instances of that Goon from the grid at the same time!

If two or more Electric Wilds are left on the grid after this happens, a few things can occur:

  1. If the two of the Wilds are adjacent, they’ll destroy every symbol on the grid (except for any other Wilds), giving you a new cascade. If more than two are adjacent, two of them are picked at random.

  2. If there are no wins on the new cascade, but there are still adjacent Wilds, it will destroy every symbol again. This will repeat until there aren’t any more adjacent Wilds left.

  3. If there are still multiple Electric Wilds left on the grid, but none of them is adjacent, two are picked at random, and a line is drawn between them.

  4. All the symbols along that line, and surrounding each Wild, are destroyed!

  5. These will continue until there are less than two Electric Wilds left on the grid.

Uncharged Wilds

Uncharged Wilds are Electric Wilds created on the grid at the start of a round. They can remain inactive on the grid, and can also act as blockers until they’re charged.

They can be charged and become Electric Wilds if a cluster is created next to them, or if two charged Electric Wilds are on the grid and become active.


Now, for the Flutometer! This sits at the top right of the grid and each round will choose a Lil’ Goon to be the fluctuating symbol.

Any time that the fluctuating symbol is removed from the grid, it will charge the Fluctometer. This happens whether they are removed in a cluster or destroyed by Electric Wilds.

Once the meter is full, it will randomly reward you either 1, 2 or 3 Electric Wilds, which it will place on the grid.


The Quantumeter is what you use to summon he Energoon and Gargantoon Wilds onto the grid!

Any time an Electric Wild is part of a cluster or zaps any Reactoonz on the grid, it will charge up the Quantumeter, each symbol counts as one charge. There are three levels of charge, plus an extra overcharge you can achieve.

Fifty-five charges reach level 1, another 30 from there hit level 2, you need another 25 after that to reach level 3 and, a final 25 will overcharge the meter.

Energoon Wild

If you reach level 1 or 2, it will activate the Energoon. At these levels, the Quantumeter can also be recharged by more symbols to re-energise the Energoon, until level 3 s reached, or you don’t get enough charges to re-trigger level 1 or 2.

If you reach level 2, both levels will play out consecutively:

  • Level 2 will unleash a mega 2x2 Energoon Wild onto the grid.

  • Level 1 will unleash four 1x1 Energoon Wilds onto the grid.

Gargantoon Wild

Reaching level 3 means it’s time for GARGANTOON! Once you hit level three, you can’t recharge the meter once it’s activated, but you can overcharge it to get a x2 multiplier on your Gargantoons.

Once you reach level 3 or overcharge, each level will play out consecutively, and a level is complete once all your wins and cascades are done. Gargantoons are removed with any wins, as usual.

  • Level 3 will unleash a giant 3x3 Gargantoon.

  • Level 2 will unleash two mega 2x2 Gargantoons.

  • Level 1 will unleash four 1x1 Gargantoons.


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