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Sweet Alchemy

Sweet Alchemy


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Sweet Alchemy

Mouth-Watering Magic!

Satisfy your sweet tooth in Sweet Alchemy, a magical sugar-coated slot from Play'n GO. Connect a cluster of four or more matching candies in the 5 x 5 grid for a sweet reward. Winning clusters melt away to allow overlying candies in the column to fall into place from above. This gives you the chance to gorge on more tasty winnings in every round!

Every symbol in every winning cluster counts to fill the Sugar Rush meter. When the Sugar Rush meter reads a certain number of symbols in a round, sweet features are released!

  • 6 symbols: Two symbols turn into regular wild symbols that can create more winning clusters.

  • 13 symbols: Two symbols turn into special “striped wilds” that remove all candies in the same row or column of the grid, allowing new symbols to drop.

  • 25 symbols: Two symbols turn into special “sprinkled wilds” that remove all candies of a certain type shown on the grid, allowing new symbols to drop.

  • 38 symbols: The free “Mix-the-Elixir” round is triggered!

In the free round, your goal is to collect prize-winning clusters in the 9 x 9 grid - especially clusters involving two specific candies in order to trigger the bonus round. To generate more wins before the candy goes stale, the alchemist will cast three spells to refresh your chances of winning. The Mixed Candy spell shuffles the candies on the grid. The Sweet Surprise spell makes 7-12 candies go wild. The Sugar Bomb spell blasts away 7-15 candies, allowing new symbols to drop.

Collect candies of two different sorts to play the chocolate-covered bonus round.  Select chocolate pips until you reveal three matching elixirs that show the amount of your bonus prize. The bonus round has three levels, each giving you a greater chance of winning a bigger bonus prize: from two to ten times your bet!

Play the bonus round three times to unlock the treasure chest and win an extra prize equal to 15% of all winnings you have accumulated in the main game since the last time the chest was opened!

The in-game tutorial explains all the delicious details of this scrumptious slot. For cash and candy, Sweet Alchemy is glucose to perfection!


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